Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am a CPA

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My last post was the same month I took and passed my first section of the CPA exam. Today, I got a passing score on my fourth and last section. Pending some paperwork, I have completed my long journey toward being a CPA.

This has been the longest year and a few months of my life. I always looked forward to school being over so I would never have to study again, but then I started working on the CPA exam and I was right back in the books. I am so grateful to Chari for putting up with all my hours of not helping out at home while I crammed for these tests. I am grateful to everyone in my life who has had to listen to me talk about nothing but the current test I am studying for or waiting to get scores for. Finally, I will have a life not defined by studying and stressing about a test.

For anyone out there wanting to be a CPA and going through the testing process, I highly recommend the Bisk study books and the website. The website gives you something to do while waiting for test scores. It is kind of an online support group for CPA candidates and it has some suggestions and study helps as well. The Bisk books are probably the cheapest option out there and worked pretty well for me.

I am in Dallas, Texas this week for some training. I think I will go look for something fun to do and a nice restaurant to eat at to celebrate. I am looking forward to returning home tomorrow to my family. Sam is now five and is growing up too fast. He is very smart and is going to do great in kindergarten this fall. Andrew is doing his best to keep up with Sam in everything he does. He quickly got the hang of riding Sam's old bike as soon as we got Sam a new bike for his birthday. Every time I am away for work, I am amazed at how clearly he is talking the next time I talk to him. Abby, our daughter, was born last November and is threatening to start crawling while I am out of town this week. My kids are, by far, the cutest kids in the world. No offense to everybody else's kids.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell the world that I finally passed and am excited to never study again.

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